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In the new and old heart of the city here in Berlin, visitors, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and ministers meet. Thus they maintain a real Berlin tradition because HABEL and capital combines a centuries-long, colorful history.

The HABEL at the Reichstag has stood for one timeless idea since 1779: a beautiful fusion of fine wines and good home cooking in a simple, guest-friendly atmosphere.

In the new heart of the city and the old one, it’s a place where Berlin residents, visitors, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs and ministers meet. They help to keep a real Berlin tradition alive: for HABEL and the capital city play their part in an eventful history hundreds of years long.

HABEL the Reichstag puts on a contemporary German cuisine with tasty updated classics and hearty new interpretations. Bourgois-refined combinations of regional and seasonal ingredients characterize the creations and make them a delight for Berlin, national and international guests.

Whether romantic couple, the immediate family or representative round whether birthday, wedding, anniversary, office party, company presentations, exhibition, conference or group travel, for breakfast, for lunch, evening, or night time. HABEL the Reichstag has something for every taste event concept.

HABEL the Reichstag impresses with its diversity, ranging from rustic atmosphere through to the stylishly modernized old building. The rooms can accommodate up to 500 guests and each have a unique ambience.


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